Who we are

Sauvons L’anse-à-l’orme is a non-profit organization that has banded together to stop a huge development project in Saint Anne de Bellevue and Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

The city of Montreal its intention to develop 6000 new housing units on 185 hectares of fallow agricultural land that is adjacent to a beautifully dense forest. This land is home to a wide variety of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, a large number of which are threatened or endangered, such as the Bobolink bird and the Boreal Geographical turtle. Sauvons L’anse-à-l’orme believes that this green space should be protected in its entirety as its wildlife would be devastated by the forest’s disappearance.

Through citizen action, we can challenge and change political inertia. By following our page, you will stay up to date on the latest news and events pertaining to this initiative.

There are presently 50-60 whitetail deer that call these woods home.
There are presently 50-60 whitetail deer that call these woods home.



We, the undersigned, request that the City of Montreal and the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro conserve and protect the total area of Rivière à l’Orme Ecoforest Corridor where a proposed residential development to build 6,000 housing units could destroy 185 hectares of natural spaces.

Our natural ecosystems are very important; they allow us to adapt to the negative impacts caused by climate change. Natural areas in proximity to urban centers play a very important role as buffer zones and deserve to be preserved.

Their ecosystems provide many benefits, they prevent local flooding, filter air and water, promote pollination, provide erosion control, climate regulation, supply water and provide recreation areas and tourism services. This development will destroy the ecosystem and its local and unique biodiversity. It will have a negative effect in the quality of life of citizens by bringing more than 10,000 cars and would increase property taxes for all Borough residents who will pay for the construction of this residential development in a non-serviced area.

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